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Unlike many other “class or activity apps” everything on Go Play Go is available and bookable immediately.  All class and activity providers use our platform to manage their live availability.  That means what you see is what you get.  Happy booking :o)

Get Kudos, Get Credit, and Donate

LAUNCHING SOON IN SUMMER 2018 – The Go Play Go exclusive Reward Program.  Soon after booking certain classes you’ll receive a unique link to send to friends.  Those who use it to book get an exclusive discount thanks to you (Kudos!) and in return earns you credit you can use to book any activity on Go Play Go.   All credits and discounts can be donated to our Disadvantaged Kids Fund.  Watch your email for that link!  

"10 out of 10"...

Thousands have booked and when we ask people what they think most say “So Easy”!   We’ve worked hard to make sure you don’t have to – find and book classes for your kids and you in just a few minutes.   We’re committed to always improving – we’d love your feedback good or bad.

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